Kelley and The King

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Who is Kelley and The King?

Kelley aka KelleyInVermont

Designing and constructing clothing, accessories, fiber art and quilts has always come very naturally and easily to me.  My strengths fall in the area of complex, precision design and construction with great attention to detail.  I consider myself a problem solving engineer and I approach my work in that way. 

I absolutely love the creative process and draw inspiration from visual stimulation everywhere, not just fiber related items.  I also love to constantly challenge myself, so my work is always changing and evolving.  It also means that my skill set is always growing through the learning of new techniques and engaging in endless forms of experimentation. 

With my work less is often more visually.  But in sharp contrast to that, the construction of my work is generally quite complicated.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Kenny aka TheKingSlacker

I'm an artist/maker/handyman. I enjoy creating unquie abstract art with vibrant colors.

I'm 'former' marathon runner with a personal best at the Boston Marathon of 3:00:12 in 2015 at the age of 47.


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