Kelley McCrory - Artist Bio

Kelley’s love of fabric and sewing started at a very young age.  At age nine she made her first machine sewn items, a purple corduroy cat pillow and a duffle bag with a wonderful Alice in Wonderland print on it.  From there she progressed to making and altering her own clothing, which she did a lot of through middle school and high school. 

By the age of 17 her sewing skills landed her a job apprenticing under a Boston area clothing designer.  After that she moved to NYC and studied Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design.  She lived in NYC on and off for a decade doing her own clothing design work and freelance work for other East Village clothing designers.  When not in NYC she did custom design work, reconstructive alterations and bridals in Burlington, Vermont.

Once back in Vermont full time she gravitated towards machine embroidery, accessories and quilts.  All areas that have also contributed to where she is today.  Currently she concentrates on improvisational fabric compositions that are moving towards fine art and functional accessories that she designs and makes to help her and others stay organized.